User Research

User Research

Large technology companies, financial organizations and startups use different research methods with users to discover their needs, pains, desires and frustrations, so that they may then offer the products and services people want, like, recommend and pay for.

Ethnographic research

Ethnographic research, or contextual inquiries, help understand how people behave, be it at work, at home or on the go, and make it possible to discover opportunities for innovation, points for product and service improvement, and new business possibilities.

Individual In-Depth Interviews

Frequently, a good way to discover what people think is to “talk” to them. Individual in-depth interviews help understand the consumer’s individual personal experience with your brand and product.

Focus Group or Group Discussion

Users of your product or service are invited to participate in a group conversation. The researchers generate discussions on relevant points to identify opinions, desires, fears and suggestions. This discussion may be stimulated through specific activities on the computer, tablet or smartphone.