Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation, also known as Expectation Analysis, evaluates the interface of a product/service/system considering the basic Usability principles - heuristics - and recommends the required improvement.

Low cost

Heuristic Evaluation is a low-cost evaluation method, as it does not involve real users, mirror rooms, recordings, etc. The analysis is done by UX specialists who use the product / service / system and check if it complies with the basic principles of Usability and with UX best practices.


Using a list of principles, specialists analyze and deliver the results in few days. Heuristic Evaluation performed by 3 specialists allows for discovery, on average, of 75% of an interface’s problems.

Heuristic Evaluation vs Tests

Heuristic Evaluation may be executed before Usability Tests to detect the basic problems of an interface. Thus, it is possible to increase the efficiency of tests, as the problems detected and solved will not hinder users during the evaluation sessions.