UX at the right size: the experience of shopping for clothes on the internet

Published at 18/09/2017 • tags: e-commerce

A few years ago, many consumers were not interested in shopping for clothes online, but the resistance has been broken, mainly due to lower prices and convenience, and online clothes trade has grown. Today, 30% of ecommerce in Brazil is clothes.

In tandem with the growth in sales, the number of customer complaints has also grown. Swaps and product return - which are more than a headache to retailers - consume on average 3.5% of revenues.

One way to reduce the high cost of swaps and returns is improving customer experience at the moment of purchase, so the customer may have the most elements and relevant information to take a correct decision on the item, color and size.

Our team went to the ranking of “Best Companies” on site “Reclame Aqui” and found the main online clothes stores that solve customer complaints. The purpose was to verify if they also do a good job at the time of selling their products on the internet.

In this study we analyzed the page for a basic T-shirt on 12 online clothes stores, female and male. We checked if they offer good images of the product, adequate information about the product, color, size, material, exchange and return policies, if help feature comments help the client decide and if the shop works well on mobile phones and on the moist popular browsers.

Most of the shops did not do well in analysis of the online clothes shopping experience, and our specialists identified where and why the shops wrong, and what they need to do to improve.

To see all the results and to learn about good examples in other countries, you can download the “UX at the right size: the experience of shopping for clothes on the internet” study here.

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