Customer Journey

Customer Journey

The Customer Journey is the representation of the experience your client has on using one of your company’s products / services, from his point of view - and not as your company imagines this experience to be. To build a Customer Journey it is necessary to hear the client, observe what he does and how he feels at different points of contact.


UX Strategy

Discovering how your client behaves while interacting with your company is strategic. It is not from a commercial or operations perspective. It is from an everyday and emotional perspective, which, when incorporated into the business, may result in the company reaching success levels that have never been reached before.

Emotional Journey

The journey serves to map how consumers feel when they buy, use or access your product / service. It allows you to discover what aspects your customer is happy with and what aspects he is not happy with. From this mapping of emotions, we recommend improvement and new solutions.

Service Design

On mapping the Customer Journey, the company obtains information to adjust internal processes, align what is taking place in the company with what is good for the client, and deliver quality services that sell, satisfy and generate fidelity.