Usability Testing

Usability Testing

User testing is always done with real users - your current clients, future clients and/or your competitor’s clients. Usability Testing is the UX service most sought by companies interested in increasing their conversion rates.

What does the company get from Usability Testing

Greater sales, more transactions

Usability Testing helps making your product or service easier to use, more attractive and appealing. When your customers manage to do what they need, in a simple and efficient way, they return again and again, and they also recommend you to their friends.

More visits, less bounce

A product or service that is easy and pleasant to use breaks away from the competition, attracts more customers and avoids their giving up using, buying or registering. Usability Testing helps generating fidelity and reducing customer acquisition costs.

Lower costs with customer service and support

When a product or a service is easy to understand, simple and fast to use, clients can do everything alone and do not need to call the customer support, reducing the high call center costs.

How to perform Usability Testing

Laboratory tests

Users go to our laboratories to test your product and show us usage difficulties. Then, the UX specialists analyze the tests and show you how to solve the problems that arose and opportunities for improvement. It is all recorded, and you can also watch it in person.

Contextual tests

We go where the user is to learn about the context of product usage. We observe what the user does in real life, at home, at work and in the street. The tests are recorded on equipment adequate for this context.

Remote tests

The tests may be performed fully online, using specific tools that allow the user to perform the test wherever he may be, on his own computer or mobile phone. We record it all and you may also watch it live, on the Internet.