The experience of registering on smartphone apps

Published at 12/07/2016 • tags: smartphone

Have you ever considered how long you spend online every day? A research promoted in 2015 throughout Brazil (SECOM, 2015) shows that, on average, Brazilians with access to the internet spend almost 5 hours online each day!

That represents approximately 30% of hours per year.

Apps have already overtaken mobile websites and 89% of users worldwide prefer to consume content on native apps; that is, apps that have been downloaded and installed directly onto their smartphones, from the shops of each platform (iOS, Android, Windows).

However, many apps that are much downloaded are not used after installed. And that may be for several reasons, including the difficulties people find in registering while creating an account on the app, for example.

Keeping this in mind, our team of usability specialists selected 30 apps among the 100 most downloaded apps at the App Store and Google Play to analyze how companies are collecting user data upon first access. The results are surprising!

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