Usability testing

The most requested study by international companies who want to increase revenues on local markets.

Usability testing

We provide all necessary conditions and activities for usability testing sessions:

  • Lab facilities fully equipped for desktop and mobile testing
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Experienced local moderator
  • Recruitment
  • Video recording and streaming services
  • Reports in English


  • Report in English
  • Cultural overview
  • Language and translation issues
  • Local experts recommendations.


One-way mirror room where you can comfortably observe users performing the set of pre-defined tasks for testing sessions.

Experienced moderators

You will need mature practitioners on the UX field, with years of experience. And we have them. We don’t rely on part- time contractors for Usability testing.

High quality recordings

Our engineers are responsible for the set-up. They take care of hardware and software in order to guarantee good images and nice sound of sessions.

What we can test

Teste de usabilidade laboratorio

desktop, smartphone e tablet

Teste de usabilidade laboratorio

Mobile apps:
iOs, Android, Windows Phone

Teste de usabilidade laboratorio


Teste de usabilidade laboratorio

Digital TV

Teste de usabilidade laboratorio


Teste de usabilidade laboratorio


Teste de usabilidade laboratorio

Home appliances


Teste de usabilidade laboratorio



Teste de usabilidade laboratorio

Medical devices


Teste de usabilidade laboratorio



What users say during test sessions

“Maybe it’s here, but I’m not sure, it’s in English and I couldn’t understand what they mean by this.”


“I didn’t tap on this icon (hamburger menu) because I believed it was related to the mobile phone system, not to the website.”


“I would like to zoom out this image but they don’t allow me to. This is a basic thing and it is not possible here. Frustrating!”


“This link is too tiny and I ended up tapping on the wrong place.”


“I don’t know where the payment options are, if the purchase is finished or if I need to choose another option.”


“They put one piece of information inside another and I have to guess where they have put what I need.”


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